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Christmas and Holidays  

Spread the cheer with music from the Christmas and Holidays category. A festive mix of time-honored classics and original material from our indie artists – it’s always the season for joy and giving here.


Tap into the GUESTLIST collection to access the music that everyone’s itching to discover. Featuring cutting-edge tracks from innovative artists, GUESTLIST is here to define culture in commercials, film, TV and beyond.

Editor's Picks 

Ready for the hottest and latest tracks from the Pump Audio collection? Each month we compile top picks across all of our genres into one convenient album so you can stay on top of what’s new and trending.

TV Production 

You need unique and powerful music to make your show stand out in the wide world of television. Find the perfect soundtrack to your original project right here. From catchy sitcom themes to enticing reality show tracks, you’ll evoke the right mood and captivate your audience.

Video Games  

Our handpicked collection of tracks for video games is stacked with electronic beats, composition music, dark synth, pop and joyous tunes. Getting access to the latest gaming sounds is quick and easy.

Film Production 

Bring your project to life on the silver screen with the right soundtrack. Boasting a robust and versatile range of music that fits any genre – action, drama, mystery or history – it’s all here.

Sound Effects, Bumpers, and Stingers 

From heartbeats and whistles to stings and stabs, you’ll find that extra touch to punctuate your production right here. Whether you need a drum loop, an ambient drone, a guitar lick or a grand orchestral sound, these albums will bring your project to life.

Background Music: On Hold 

Sometimes the soundtrack of your project needs to take a backseat to the driving media. With an array of subtle styles like jazz, instrumental rock and ambient electronic music, this collection gives your background music the right balance.

Sports / Action 

Get ready for adrenaline pumping, high-octane tracks. The genres in this collection also include inspirational and dramatic fanfares intended to evoke emotions of action, suspense, drama, competition and hope.

Corporate Music 

Relaxing at the office is easy with this catalog of soothing background music. Jazz and instrumental tracks create the perfect soundtrack to focus on the real work that needs to be done.


Buckle up for a retro road trip that rolls through some of the most influential decades in music history. From blues and Motown to all breeds of rock and roll, this catalog is organized by decade so you can easily find the familiar sounds that you’re looking for.

Indaba Music 

Getty Images is proud to partner with Indaba Music and its 600,000+ diverse musicians. Everybody wins now that these innovative artists have an online platform to license their studio-quality music.

Tribe of Noise 

Hailing from the Netherlands, award-winning music community Tribe of Noise unleashes a truly global catalog of music. Set on connecting talented musicians with outlets around the world, this is the place for awesome, all rights included, music.

Ah2 Music 

Ah2 Music covers every conceivable genre and is responsible for unforgettable themes and scores heard in many of today’s hit television shows and films. Top media moguls have utilized this unmatched catalog, now it’s your chance.

Classical Music 

A comprehensive history of classical music is available here for your use. Covering the Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance, Romantic and Modern periods of music, these symphonic and choral tracks keep your score classical.

Reality TV Music 

Let the reality of your TV show shine and heighten the action with this catalog of tracks that go hand in hand with the ups and downs of life. This dynamic instrumental music adds suspense and intensity to any episode.

Children’s / Quirky 

Kids are all about fun and games – and so is this catalog. Featuring lighthearted songs in the classic sing-along and nursery rhyme style, as well as music that will transport you to the playground or circus. This is the place for any project that needs a youthful feel.


Riding on powerful sub bass lines, syncopated rhythm and sampling, Dubstep is redefining electronic music around the globe. These heavily instrumental tracks have an edgy feel that boast wobble bass, electronic sounds and clipped samples. Urban sounds ideal for stingers, bumpers, video game music and production uses.

Hip hop 

A mix of urban music that is as diverse as the city streets that it hails from. This is the home of everything hip hop – including catchy club hooks, dancehall, old-school and both East and West Coast styles.


Reaching back to when pop became a worldwide sensation in the 50s, this catalog covers the range of music that has taken over the airwaves. It’s all here, Motown, R&B, rock, new wave and much more.


Like a good used record store, this catalog has all of your rock and roll needs covered. Blues, punk, garage, psychedelic, metal and period rock from every era since the electric guitar was invented – this is the place for all your hard-hitting needs.

Electronic / Electro / Techno 

Plug into this trove of beat-driven electronic music. From fast-paced tracks to keep the party alive all night to more subdued sounds that create relaxed moods. Built on a foundation of electrified instrumentation, break beats and techno influence abound in this catalog.

Country Music 

From square dance fiddle music to Wild West and folk-influenced arrangements, the Country album category roams over a wide range of music. These tracks are ideal for giving any project an authentic country feel.


Pick up the tempo with the jazz catalog that covers all of the bases in this great American instrumental genre. From syncopated ragtime and bebop to smooth avant-garde or modern jazz, it’s all here and ready to get your project moving.


Looking to build suspense and send shivers? The soundtrack to your next slasher short or monster movie lurks in the shadows of the Halloween collection. This is the place where eerie instrumentation and haunting harmonies run wild.

Love Songs / Romance 

Get in the mood for love with this collection of sentimental arrangements that strike a tender chord. These tracks are perfect for heartfelt moments and the unfortunate broken-hearted memories.

Yoga / New Age Music 

For when you need to evoke a sense of inner calm and harmony, enjoy this peaceful catalog. Comprised of tracks that utilize meditative and inspirational melodies, this is the place for soothing sounds.


The Instrumental album category includes a wide breadth of genres and musical styles from rock, R&B, soul, jazz and hip hop to classical and orchestra. These tracks are perfect for film, trailer, news and production uses – when your content needs to really be king.

World Music 

No matter where you live, you can take a trip around the globe with this eclectic collection of music. Whether you’re looking to evoke the air of an Irish pub or a Hawaiian beach, this is your ticket.

Musica Latina / Salsa 

Channel island rhythms and lush harmonies with this spicy, dance-based catalog. Covering all of the Caribbean, this is the destination for diverse Latin music that is sure to enliven the spirit of the sun and sea.