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Frequently asked questions

    • Do I need to create a user account to use Pump Audio?
    • You can search and listen to music without an account, but we highly recommend you create an account so you can save tracks from your searches to a playlist. The tracks can be accessed from any computer you sign in to and are saved until you delete them. You can also easily share them with your team or clients, and a user account allows you to track your order history.
    • How does your cue sheet tool work?
    • If you do bulk downloads or have a blanket deal to download music, this is the tool you use for reporting usage. Our cue sheet tool was created to save time looking through the fine print on CD covers while compiling your data. The tool takes you through the steps of exporting EDL, inputting, editing, downloading, and distributing and reporting usage.
    • How can I narrow my search results?
    • To narrow your search results, select only one subgenre, one mood and one speed. The more options you choose, the more specific your results will be.
    • How do I share my tracks and playlists?
    • You can share any of your playlists with one or more colleagues or clients as long as you are signed in. It's as easy as sending an email. Add tracks from your search results page, click "Playlists" in the top right, and then click "Share playlist" and follow the directions. The recipients won't be able to download the tracks, but they will be able to listen to them.
    • What's the best way to use keyword search?
    • Use the keyword search when you want to locate a specific track title, track ID, artist name, lyric theme, or instrument. You can also search for concepts and emotions such as love, happy or sad to find tracks with a specific word in the lyric hook. You can view the keywords associated with a track by selecting Keywords from the search results field list.
    • I'm looking for more obscure music. How can I dig down into your catalog?
    • Want Oldies music? Try the Rock subgenre Vintage Rock/Pop. Do you miss the 80s? Try to the Rock subgenre New Wave. Under View More Genres, we even have a Production category that includes a range of music from Christmas/Holiday and Sports to Cinematic and Polka.
    • What keyboard shortcuts can I use when listening to music?
      • To toggle between pausing or playing a song, press the SPACEBAR.
      • To move to the next or previous song, press the RIGHT ARROW or LEFT ARROW keys.
      • To adjust the volume up or down, press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW keys.

Available collections

    • Get in on the GUESTLIST and access the music everyone's clamoring to get their hands on. GUESTLIST delivers new or never-been-released trendsetting music the world's talking about now – the kind that defines our culture in commercials, films, trailers, TV shows and video games, everywhere at once.
    • Premium Playlist is our marquee catalog, featuring music from over 100 leading artists and labels worldwide. These are handpicked tracks with the power to create a mood, move audiences and help set your work apart. Tracks you know – or will know soon – from genres ranging from indie pop to hip hop and beyond.
    • Pump Audio features the freshest tracks from our roster of trend-setting independent artists. Choose from over 75,000 songs – with thousands more added monthly – and genres spanning everything from alternative rock to downtempo electronic. And Pump Audio's streamlined licensing makes getting the music you want fast and easy, putting a world of original music at your fingertips.
    • Within the Pump Audio Exclusive collection, you can hear and explore some of the very best artists and songs from the renown Pump Audio collection. The tracks from this exclusive collection are only available for licensing from Getty Images Music – nowhere else in the world! If you want trendy Pop, cutting edge indie rock or the newest Hip Hop, you’ll find it here.
    • Ah2 Music is responsible for unforgettable themes and scores heard in today's hit television shows and films. Having composed music for Mark Burnett, Steven Spielberg, JD Roth, Todd Nelson, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Donald Trump and more, Ah2 Music's exclusive catalogue of over 20,000 tracks contains music in every style conceivable and is available for all of your film, trailer, advertising, tv show and general production needs.
    • The Atom Factory Music Library combines cutting-edge industry practices with a keen knowledge of scoring for film and television. It delivers 1,000 custom-made pop, hip hop and world music tracks from world-renowned producers and composers – overseen by an executive staff that includes Troy Carter (Atom Factory/Lady Gaga), Paul Stewart (Hustle & Flow) and The Co-Stars (BarberShop 1 & 2, Four Brothers).
    • As a pioneer in the online music collaboration space that enables anyone with internet access to connect with musicians from around the world to create, edit and mix studio-quality music online, Indaba Music’s community has over 650,000 members from 205 countries and territories. In addition to providing the collaboration tools for musicians, Indaba Music provides its impressive community of musicians and music catalogs with distribution, project sourcing, original song and remix contests and commercial music licensing.
    • MuuseMe is the first and only library dedicated to showcasing music from the exploding indie scenes of Latin America and Spain. With over 2000 tracks and counting, the MuuseMe catalogue represents the definitive collection of contemporary bi-cultural sounds from the most exciting artists emerging from these locales in all genres and styles.
    • Effortlessly standing out from traditional libraries, Los Angeles-based Position Music is unrivaled in providing cutting-edge electronic, dance, hip-hop, pop, acoustic, rock and trailer music, as well as outstanding television underscore. The Position Music library is high-end production music created by relevant and working indie artists, composers and producers. Position Music's catalog has been a preferred source for some of the biggest network TV shows, movie trailers, ads and motion picture studios for over a decade.
    • The Spin City library was custom created for Sony/ATV by some of the leading producers and session players in New York City. The library contains an extremely wide breadth of genres from rock, R&B, soul, jazz, urban and hip hop to classical and orchestral which is particularly well suited for film, trailer and news uses.
    • With tens of thousands of sound effects, you’ll likely find every sound you need to complement your video, TV show, commercial, film, or web project. Plus you can license them at very attractive prices with no performance royalties and once licensed, use each sound effect in multiple projects at no extra cost. Whether it’s a train whistle, gunshot, baby crying or footsteps, you’ll find a huge assortment of sound effects for any project.
    • SoundCloud, launched in 2008 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, is a social sound platform that lets anyone create, record, promote and share their sounds on the web in a simple, accessible and feature-rich way. SoundCloud allows sound creators to instantly record or upload original audio content, embed sound across websites and blogs, share publicly and privately, receive detailed analytics, plus get feedback from the community directly onto the waveform. For more information go to:
    • Our new SoundExpress collection covers over 45,000 tracks, and is continuously growing- offering the widest selection of the highest quality RF music. SoundExpress combines all music rights upfront (including synchronization, performance and mechanical royalties) in either a Basic or Extended license. This comprehensive and groundbreaking collection boasts all styles of music, from high-end, high-quality production tracks to current-sounding, lyrical songs performed by indie artists of all genres (pop, rock, electronic, world, urban). We make it easy to discover and simple to license the highest quality RF music for your most important projects, as we are constantly expanding this offering.